Massive protest in Aurangabad over Syria crisis, Swami Agnivesh and Salman Nizami leads the March

Aurangabad Mar 17: Thousands of Civil Society & Political groups staged a demonstration in the Aurangabad city today against the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. The protest March was led by Swami Agnivesh and Salman Nizami.

People raised slogans and demanded the Syrian government to stop killing its own people. “Even after the United Nations Security Council has announced ceasefire, the Syrian government has been bombing its own people with the help of Russia,” said Salman Nizami, Congress leader. “All countries should take efforts to stop the war,” he added.

Swami Agnivesh said that the people in Syria are living in catastrophe and demands that the UN Security Council take immediate steps and stop the ongoing war in Syria, initiate an enquiry in to the war crime being committed by the present regime in Syria and rehabilitate the war victims of Syria.

President Maharastra Muslim Awami Committee Ilyas Kirmani said the MMAC, Aurangabad expresses grave concern and is worried over the deadly attacks and demands that the air strikes must end, as civilians are made targets. This terror is absolutely unacceptable.

He said, we have submitted a memorandum on the same to President Ram Nath Kovind through Divisional Commissioner Aurangabad and also to Syria Embassy. He further said that if no action was taken in the matter, they would protest outside the Syria Embassy in Delhi.


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