AAP aaye, AAP chhaye: Shatrughan Sinha backs Kejriwal’s party

After the Election Commission recommendation to the President to the disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs for allegedly in matter of “office of profit”.Therefore, bollywood star and BJP leader Satrughan Sinha come in the support of AAP on Twitter.

He took his stand on Twitter by doing two consecutive tweets in favour of AAP and wrote “Hope wish & pray that you get divine justice soon, sooner the better. ‘AAP’ ki team aur khaas kar ‘AAP’ ko bahut bahut badhaai. Remember, when the going gets tough the tough get going”

In another tweet he recited AAP in poetic verses and wrote “‘AAP’ Aaye,
‘AAP’ Chhaye,
‘AAP’ hi ‘AAP’ Charcha ke Vishaye (talk of the town)!!

Ghar ghar mein,
Har khabar mein,
Toh phir kis baat ki fikar ‘AAP’ ko?

Politics of vendetta or politics of vested interests just don’t last long.
Don’t worry, be happy!”

After the EC recommendation to the disqualification, AAP has been facing a huge criticism in the political arena. Although, AAP has declined such allegations and countered on this decision by saying it biased.

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